Owl City – Of June

“With Friends Like These Well, Who needs Enemies?”

– Adam Young

Owl City is another one of those artists who sound like they’re a band when really, they’re just one guy; Owl City is the alias for pop/electronica artist Adam Young and I’m going to be looking at one of his older albums ‘Of June‘.

Young smashed into the public sphere in July 2009 with his world dominating single ‘Fireflies‘ and like most people I loved it. Unlike most people however, when I like someone I delve into their music bibliography and look at all the stuff they have done before and this is where I came across Young’s album ‘Of June’.

‘Of June’ is seven track album that has a very upbeat tone due to the nature of Young’s design process, what I mean by this is that Young seems to have forgotten that his keyboard can also play low notes as well. This sounds like a criticism and in a way it is, I just feel like some of his more sombre tracks would have benefited from deeper notes and a much slower pace. I’m no musical expert don’t get me wrong, but in almost every track you can hear a layer of beats that are high-pitched and going very fast, for me it’s a bit of a mood killer. On the other hand this does as I said before, lend a much more upbeat tone to the music and almost encourages the tracks to cross over into the ‘easy listening‘ genre. I’m not fully convinced that this was Young’s intention, but either way it does lend itself very well to this musical bracket where you can just loop the album in the background.

This leads me to my two most important points about this album, firstly: Homophones. This basically is a word that literally means ‘same sound’. The reason you can loop ‘Of June’ in the background is because all the tracks sound the same, Young’s creativity is not flourishing here which whilst serving dinner parties around the world great justice, does damage his credibility as a serious creative artist. Secondly: autotune; if you don’t know much about Owl City you may not know that Young sings in all of his own songs, pouring his voice out of a computer after hours of autotuned distortion. Just to be clear, autotune is where you digitally change the pitch of a sound, it’s a popular technique now used by rap artists such as Kanye West and T Pain. I may not be a fan of either those two artists but here Young actually uses the technique perfectly, making tones and notes last the right length at the right pitch in a very artful manner.

Overall then this is a good album; the upbeat nature could grind if you’re not in a very happy mood or maybe if your just older than 13. Personally though I do quite like it, it never deserved to win any awards and I couldn’t use any of the tracks in my design work, but if you put Young’s album on in the background whilst you’re getting on with some work or chores you’ll probably get them done with a smile on your face.

If you want to find out more about owl City click here.

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Matt  :)


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