Cowboys and Aliens: Trailer

“In Silver City, Arizona, Apache Indians and Western Settlers Must Lay their Differences Aside When an Alien Spaceship Crash Lands in their City.”

-Cowboys & Aliens Marketing Strapline

I saw the trailer for Jon Favreau’s ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ today; and quite frankly, I was blown away. With Daniel Craig in the lead kicking ass with technology that outdates anything we even have now (let alone in the historic western front in which the movie is set) it looks like movie-goers are in for a hell of a ride! The supporting cast also look incredibly strong with the standouts being Olivia Wilde (Also starring in the upcoming Tron: Legacy) and a very grumpy looking Harrison Ford. The trailer doesn’t reveal too much about the plot, but it’s fair to say it looks likes like the Cowboys will be facing off with the Aliens; leaving us to ponder perhaps why the movie wasn’t call ‘Cowboys VS Aliens’ however as more information is released before the movie screens in the distant summer of 2011, more light is sure to be shed on the plotline. For now enjoy the first trailer for Cowboys & Aliens.


Matt  :)


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