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Hey Guys,

I want to let you all know about an amazing project in honour of an amazing musician; The Johnny Cash Project.

This is a truely special project and I urge anyone who has even has a passing interest in art, music or creative work to check this out. In honour of the ‘Man in Black’ Chris Milk (Click for vimeo account) has put together this video event, asking anyone to submit a single frame to recreate the video for Cash’s haunting song: Ain’t No Grave. You can watch the ‘About’ video here, showcasing what the project is about it, how it works and what it’s for; though it is at its core, a beautifully detailed tribute to Cash himself.

As users are asked to submit only one frame (though you can submit more if you wish) there is a lot more time to put more detail and thought into each hand-drawn image, this creates a string of highly detailed, sometimes impressionistic and unique peices of art; which altogether rivals some of the best music videos I have ever seen. So far there have been over 250,000 unqiue submissions and though there is more than one image for each frame, even if your drawing is not chosen for the final piece, you will still be credited in a unique version of the video should your frame fall into that category e.g: Most strokes, highest rated, or by art syle such as abstract, pointillism, realistic or sketchy.

I sincerely urge everyone to check this project out right now; it’s unique, innovation and great fun. There are quite a few people involved in making the project happen so click here for a list of the full credits. Below you can see the reference frame I got and the entry I submitted; I will never claim to be the best drawer in the world so I went for a clean style with just subtle significance; the silhouette of Cash denotes his striking power and legacy but he is also blended with the darkness of the room linking back to his descent into drugs and alcholism during his career. I also gave him two hearts to represent his two wives (and also the many women he had affairs with); I know this is very basic symbollism but I am happy with how the image turned out. You can also watch a video on how a drew my entry here.

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Click for Full Sized Image










Matt  :)


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3 Responses to The Johnny Cash Project

  1. earthymind says:

    i love his ‘walk the line’ song!!ill surely try and submit my frame!!

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