The Facebook Numbers and What They Mean

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So maybe you, like me, have had your facebook homepage dominated by seemingly random posts and statuses all starting with some bizarre number coding preceding them. It’s pretty confusing right? Well this article will explain it all.

The project is called ‘The Numbers Game’ and has gathered over 1,000 users in less than a day, though not without rallying some counter-support. The game starts with ‘you’ messaging a friend with any number, such as 5 all the way up to 5,467… literally any number, the person then has to reply with a post with what they think about you (though seemingly a lot are being posted in statuses), you then ask friends through a message, chat or post what they think of you, whilst also giving them their reference number; the appeal of this project is that because the numbers are private the posts can seemingly be about anyone but no-one apart from the person who sent the number in the first place will know who it’s about. You can view some examples can be here.

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The creator Preston Millen (pictured) insists there is no real motive behind the project but he was just inspired by other viral projects such as the ‘Cartoon Craze’ that was all over facebook last week; Millen is inspired to carry the project to a 1 million strong unit by Christmas day and with the support rallied so far, this may be achievable. Millen claims to have also worked on several online business projects which may have all preluded to this unique idea; though currently a student at Arkansas State University, lets hope he stays grounded for the meantime.

You can also follow The Numbers Game on Twitter by clicking here.

A big thankyou to for gathering and sourcing a lot of the information about this project.

(And by the way the real plural of more than one status is actually just the word ‘status’ with a different pronunciation, though I opted for the other acceptable alternative in this article just for the sake of clarity.)


Matt  :)


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