World of Warcraft Password Crisis

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Hey Guys,

So today Blizzard, the entertainment company behind the hugely succesful online game World of Warcraft, called for some of their game users to reset their passwords after an attack on the Gawker databases. This message is prompted by the hack on Gawker servers by an organisation calling itself ‘Gnosis’. The call to web users has been issued because Gawker runs one of the most popular blog networks and fears have spread across multiple networks leading to companies from Blizzard to Yahoo, Twitter and LinkedIn all calling for users to reset their passwords. (You can view the login page here.)

Gnosis has published the details of over 1.3 million Gawker users online including their passwords which has led to this outcry for password resetting; the attack was inspired by Gawkers perceived arrogance, though nothing else has been stated. The reason this message has spread among other organisations though is, Sophos a software protection company has found that 33% of people use the same password for every site they use. The most common password since the hack has been discovered as ‘123456’ followed by ‘password’ and now that Gnosis has this information they are expected to attack the largest user populated servers, which is why among others, Warcraft users have been warned.

Warcraft users should use an authenticator at all times and uses good password originality as opposed the generic coding becoming seen in more and more passwords. You can read Blizzards full statement on the attack here.

If you have been affected by the attack or have a perspective on password security please leave a comment below.


Matt  :)


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