Three Things to Look Forward to in 2011

Hey Guys,

I thought I would write a post to let you know what’s going to be fun next year! There will no doubt be a few surprises, but hopefully these things are sure-fire hits…

Yes that’s right, Quiddich for ‘muggles’, this is a new sport being taken up by Universities across America persisting for their sport to become recognised by the NCAA the National Collegiate Athletic Association and even by the Olympic committee! The sport is more or less an exact copy of the fictional sport save for some and perhaps the most key, examples. Firstly people can’t fly, we all know this so team members must run around the pitch with a broom between their legs; secondly there is no way to make a snitch fly around the pitch so instead a man/woman dressed in gold must run with a ball in a sock tied to his belt buckle untill he is caught by the two seekers, any other magic rule is substituted for a person doing the spell, be it throwing ‘enchanted’ balls or the like, maybe this will help get geeks out the house more..?

Of course, 3D tv… it’s already ruined our cinema now it want’s to invade our homes too! Sony is leading the 3D charge with the Bravia systems now supporting full HD 3D creating yet more acronyms to confuse elderly shoppers. Personally I’m not a fan of 3D it’s  great gimmick but as for the argument it completely transports you into the film world, I find that it in fact does the opposite but I think my opinion matters little, 3D is here to stay... great.

Yes that’s right, in Britain Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to get hitched! Personally I don’t give a c*** but apparently this is just the good news we need right now, and if you think about it they’re right. Watching two people I barely care about find eternal love is just what will put me into a good mood after seeing the new year in single…

So wait, actually none of this has made me excited about 2011 at all. In fact is there anyway we can stop it? It seems not, oh well just enjoy what you can then guys and have a good one.


Matt  :)


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