Photography is Wonderful

Hey Guys,

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the new year; today I am posting to some great photo posts that I have found online this week. These are only my favorites out the hundreds I have seen. The reason I have been able to uncover so many gems is because of the site StumbleUpon, I only discovered this site last week and I haven’t looked back! I think the site is great for not only killing time but is actually a very immersive experience that I have definitely noticed become more and more tailored to my likes and dislikes over time. So whilst this post isn’t about StumbleUpon, I strongly urge any readers of this blog to subscribe to it; it’s free, easy and absolutely great.

Anyway, where was I?

Basically I thought today I would link back to some great photography posts I have come across this week in celebration of the new camera I am getting (woop!).

1. Winners of the Red Bull Epic Photo Contest (link)

This is a fantastic collection of shots that are almost entirely impressive; personally I didn’t like the experimental category winning photo, but aside from that the are amazing photographs.

Personal favorites are: Culture Winner and Sequence Winner.

2. Streetview (link)

To be honest I know very little about this flickr set, these no description but the photos are clearly dated but I could not guess the time period. All I have to really say about this set is that something about them really resonated with me and I thought almost the entire set came out beautifully.

Personal favorites are: This Untitiled shot and New York 1905.

3. Samantha Meglioli (link)

These are shots by Samantha Meglioli showcasing some of her wonderful macro stills. The shots have all come out in incredible detail and have some crazy depth of field for such a shot distance, in my opinion the shots are a little mixed with some shots seemingly less ‘considered’ than others; but that said she is clearly a more talented photographer than me and the best of her shots are incredible.

Personal favorites: Megli25, Megli8 and Megli6.

4. Patchwork Orange (link)

This is less a photography post and more of ‘arts’ post I suppose; but the photos in this article are still great and the idea is way too neat to omit from this list. Patchwork Orange is the process of replacing parts of damaged buildings with Lego blocks. There’s not really much more to this post than that idea, but check out some of the photos for yourself then give it a ago!

Personal Favorite: Lego Brick Installation Art.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post guys, please let me know which one was your favorite in the comment box below! Also if you’re interested in finding more photography on the web sign up to StumbleUpon and another great site called 1x.

And finally, for anyone that’s interested the camera I have ordered is a Fuji HS10 which I should be getting on thursday, so I’m sure there will be a post about it soon after!


Matt  :)


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4 Responses to Photography is Wonderful

  1. Harry Elwell says:

    I just checked out that 1x site you recommended… fascinating stuff. There are some truly incredible photographs on there!

    • Yeha man, definatley. It’s kinda annoying to scroll through as there’s sooooo many photos, but you can use a stubleupon feature to ‘stumblethrough’ higher rated pictures or something. I havn’t used it myself but it sounds simple enough…

  2. Just THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the sahre my work!!!! it’s really nice to see that!!! Thanks again!!! :)

    • haha no worries, I hope you don’t mind as I didn’t get your permission to repost; but your shots are great, and even though my blog is only small, I thought it only fair to try and share your work! Excellent stuff :)

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