‘It’s not trendy to say trendy anymore.’ ‘ Was it ever, in fact, I don’t think words can be trendy can they?’ ‘Sure they can, like at the moment it’s words banter, hero and lad.’ ‘Oh yeah, I see what you mean, they are all trendy words’ ‘But the point is, they aren’t’.


Hey Guys,

So recently I had a conversation with my housemate about the word ‘trendy‘ and though that doesn’t sound like a conversation topic, see the extract above to get an idea of what ‘m talking about.  I said that something was particularly trendy, then subsequently got told off for using said word; she told me that ‘the word trendy is not in itself trendy’ and upon reflection I have come to notice a worrying lack in the use of this particular word.

A google search of trendy gives us a selection of time-stamped articles with the newest being 2008, but is in fact a tutorial for a ‘retro’ effect; which is exactly the problem with this word. It reflects its time of conception; the word trendy makes you think of the demographic of its time, you say trendy you think of the 80’s, flares, and neon. As our culture has evolved over time the word trendy has tried desperately to keep up, trying to shed its big hair and tennis sweat bands. But the services of this particular instance of vocabulary need to come to an end and be replaced with more contemporary wordplay along with such other greying words like, ‘super’, ‘crikey’ and ‘top-notch’.

I put it to you that the word trendy is actually very important; otherwise how can we define what is currently in fashion? It would be too long-winded to explain how something said by your friend is being communicated across a variety of formats by a range of demographics in a specific location. Instead we need a word to summarise all of the above to perform the services of the now ageing ‘trendy’.

Though we see bold efforts by net-giants such as twitter to boldly showcase the decaying combination of letters, we can only parallel the word trendy to the old cashier in the supermarket. You feel like you want to use them as hardly anyone else is, but you know that they’ll probably take longer than the other cashiers at which point, you start doubting whether they should be there at all.

Please leave a comment with suggestions with what words you think should replace trendy; the best words will  be mentioned in this article.


Matt  :)


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