5 Beautiful + Interactive Web Toys

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Hey Guys,

I hope you are all keeping well; I think todays post is really neat. What you will find below is a collection of my favorite web-based interactive toys/gadgets. These are highly creative and blend the boundaries between art, gaming and music. They will help you mellow out or maybe just make you smile, either way, these are pretty damn cool-Just click the name or image to visit the sites.

1. Sinuous

I’m going to go through this list starting with my favorites descending through the list, and this is by far my favorite. Sinuous is a beautiful flash game, that in its simplicity achieves great beauty. The ‘synthy’ electronic music in the canvas for a visually soothing experience. The game itself is simple enough, move your mouse (The blue dot) and dodge the red dots, there are a few scattered power-ups but this game isn’t about high-scores, it’s about a relaxing and beautiful experience which has stuck in my head for some time.

2. Scrbtle

Now this is a cool one, though it has changed a bit from my first experiences with it. Scrbtle is essentially a drawing tablet with a mirror effect built in; when first released the mirrors met int he middle, with each quarter of the screen a perfect mirror of the other quarters (if that makes sense). However now the programme has changed slightly to create these circles as seen above, that’s not really an issue for me though, the tool still works great and now you can add your own basic lines of code to create completely unique works of art with minimal effort. Scrbtle also smooths out your mouse strokes so they never appear too jagged which is a really big bonus. Trust me, if you click the link, you will lose many hours of your life!

3. Matrix

Third on the list is ‘Matrix’, this is a really impressive tool that creates music based on which squares of the grid you’ve clicked. It sounds simple but the music this can make is genuinely complex and pleasant to listen too; I assume it’s based around timing in regards to distance to other squares and how you’ve clicked, but that shouldn’t really concern you. What you should focus on is the interesting ways you can create melody with this tool, and even though I’ve been playing with this that last few days, I’m still not bored of it. It narrowly misses out on the number two spot, only because I feel ultimately there are more creative opportunities with Scrbtle; that said it’s still a really fun piece of kit that can kill a lot of time.

4. Sketch of Voronoi

Do you remember looking at cells through microscopes in science class? No? Well I do, just about. Number 4 is a neat little interactive animation that, I suppose doesn’t really do that much, it beats number 5 though just because I don’t fully get it. That’s what I like about this entry though, it’s a constantly evolving piece of art that you can interactive with, maybe it does have meaning, maybe not, either way you gotta admit, it still looks pretty cool.

5. Liquid Particles

So, you’ve probably got the jist of this post by now; number 5 is much in the same vein as the posts preceding it, another interactive tool that creates a wonderful visual image, though sadly no audio for this one. The Light Particles in mention track your mouse, but also get repelled with a mouse click; by combining movement and clicks you can create a vivid image indicative of movement. It may only last a second but the instances of art this tool creates are really cool, so it’s definatley worth a look.

UPDATE: Just my luck, as soon as I post an article about web toys, I find a new one the next day that I could have used for the post! Click here for an amazing a versatile tool that lets you paint beautiful ‘fire’.


Matt  :)


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2 Responses to 5 Beautiful + Interactive Web Toys

  1. Kieron Brown says:

    i really like matrix one…. though, you can really make anything isn’t easy on the ears

  2. kiki says:

    Totally love web toys thx for these beautiful programmes

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