404 Page Inspired Design

Hey Guys,

So I just finished off making my 404 page and though it’s nothing too fancy I did experiment with some more creative images to substitute the typical ‘404-Not Found’ error message. Find below a collection of 404 image banners that you are free to download, edit and use on your own sites; if you do this all I ask for is a comment on this post saying which one you downloaded and where your site is availiable so we can all see it in action!

For those who are unsure, just click any of the images then click ‘View Image’ then click  ‘save image’ from there to get the full size.

– Mirrored 4’s with center 0 –


– Vertically mirrored 4’s with connecting 0 –


– Mirrored 4’s with overlayed 0 –


– Reminds me of Egypt for some reason; parallel 4’s with 0 on top –


– Flipped and mirrored 4’s with overlayed embedded 0 –


– Made to look like a vinyl record; 4’s drawn in lines with 0 as disk centre –


– Probably my favorite design; mirrored 4’s with stylised 0 –


I Hope you like these designs guys!


Matt  :)



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