Thought of the Day [19/06/2011] – Being Speechless

Happy Fathers day!

Hey guys,

So this post isn’t actually about Fathers Day, but for anyone who forgot wish your Dad a happy Fathers Day yet, DO IT NOW; this post is actually about something else though.

I will do these ‘Thought of the day’ blogs every now and again, but not on set days, just whenever I have a thought worth posting; and todays thought is this:

At the moment I am working from home as part of my work experience, all my housemates have moved out and most of my mates are home for the summer. What I find weird though, is that to be chatty is my nature-I can ramble on for hours. Yet, in the time I have spent alone in the last week, I find myself (should I not need to go out) silent for days on end: For I am not crazy and do not talk to myself. I find this bizarre because if I were tasked to do it, I am sure I’d fail, yet with no-one to talk to it’s actually very easy. It may sound obvious but to me, the idea that I have barely said a word for the last three days is kinda weird!

Maybe it’s just me, but if you get my drift, please leave a comment; it’s great to hear from anyone that reads this blog.

Take it easy,

Matt  :) 


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