New Website Plans

Hey Guys,

Hope you’re all good; just thought I’d update you guys on some of my plans to update my website. As someone passionate about design and effective functionality, I’ve had a re-think about my portfolio site. I’ve been inspired by endlessly pouring over other designers sites, and though I am not a designer through and through, I am highly creative and I feel my website could be a little better looking.

So I drew up some very early concept images and am in talks with my amazing friend Harry Finn (Seriously, he’s a web-design guru, you might want to follow him on twitter too); he’s told me it’s possible and is hopefully going to help me through these changes.

See what I have planned below, I think it has a good balance between a clean, functional design without being to distracting. The designs (rough as they are) are mine so please don’t copy them, if you do however take inspiration from them I’d love to see how they come out!

Let me know what you think please,

Take it easy,

Matt  :)


Gallery Page

Single Image Page

Video Page


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  1. like that A LOT matt. x

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