The Balloon :: UPDATE

Hey Guys,

So I just wanted to let you know that I decided to change my approach to my current project ‘The Balloon’. You may have seen my previous post saying that I was developing ‘The Balloon’ in mind of making it a kids book; but then I though about it more. I realised if I made it into a web-comic like Diary of a Boy at Sea then things become a lot more simple.

I see it like this:

If I try and make it a kids book, am I going to go and try and get it published? No.

As a kids book, will there be a bigger work-load? Yes.

Will I have more fun drawing my own project? Yes.

Will more people be able to enjoy it as a web-comic? Yes.

Easy really huh? So that’s what’s happening now, you can see below the first page, but I won’t be posting anymore until it’s finished!

Take it easy,

Matt  :)



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