Update [02/08/2011]

Hey Guys,

So it’s been ages since I posted anything here; the official line is that I was working a lot in the summer but really I just devalued the blog for a bit when I was doing a lot of other things. Anyway, I’m back at university now and though I will actually have more work to do than ever I will make sure the blog is among those things. This post has no particular objective so think of this more as an announcement I guess. But while I am writing I will try to get you up to speed with where I am.

I am once again trimming the fat of my website, I realised that in about 8 months I will be looking for full-time work, how weird is that?! I have decided my site should act like a business card and so I will be taking down a lot of the content that doesn’t reflect any particular skill. Instead that stuff will all be going on one page so that it can have some online presence still.

My dissertation project is moving forwards too, I am working on a new media narrative project that requires a lot technical genius by my good friend Harry Finn; he sometimes works on freelance web design projects so check him out if you need something done and he may be able to help out.

I am also working on a couple of manuscripts which is pretty exciting, I have no doubt that no-one would want to publish a media graduate straight of uni, but I am taking a publishing module this year and so I want to take these ideas as far as I can. If you don’t try you can’t succeed right?

That’s pretty much it for now, but I’ll be posting some more interesting articles soon (see below for an example).

Take it easy,

Matt :) 


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