Make the Snow Fall [New Photo]

Hey Guys,

So I may not of done a lot of work for my university course today, but that’s because I got sidetracked and have been editing an old photo of mine. I was browsing my photos on my favorite photo sharing site 500px and when I came across the original image I just though I could do a little more with it. So I added a really strong crop and started masking in the largest pieces of snow and lay them over the crop. The smaller bits were a bit more tricky, as I colour keyed most of them, but there was also a lot of white in the background. So what I ended up doing was chroma keying the best part of the photo, that gave me a good area of snowflakes and then duplicated it, re-scaled it, rotated it and moved it around the photo to create a realistic snow pattern. I did my final colour correction in Paint.Net; I actually preferring using it to Photoshop for basic tweaking as it’s way more intuitive, faster and free! I strongly recommend that you download it.

Would you guys be interested in seeing a step by step tutorial or how I edited this photo? If so please leave a comment. 

Here is the final photo:

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Take it easy,

Matt :)


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