Don’t Take Any Photos Until You Read This First!

3 Tutorials EVERY Photographer Needs to Read.

Hey guys,
So I’m a big fan of the ‘tuts+ range of sites (ranging from 3d design to sound mixing) and I came across 3 must read tutorials that I urge you to digest before you take any photographs. Personally when I bought my SLR camera I went to a local camera shop and asked the guy over the counter to explain everything to me, how it worked, what aperture means etc and I recommend you to do this too. However if you are in the position where this is not a viable option, everything I was told is covered in these three tutorials. I have also read through all of these and they are laid out very simply and I picked up a few new things as well. Whilst I may be new to SLR photography I do have a prior knowledge of composition due to my computer design work; yet these tutorials proved very useful even to myself and I urge you to read them.

  • The first is a tutorial on all the functions of your camera. Whilst personally you may not have all the functions listed, this tutorial covers eveything and though it’s long, it’s an essential read.
  • The second tutorial is almost worth more than the first, if you are in a rush (or just incredibly ignorant) you can probably still point and click an SLR, the chances are though is that you won’t understand how to adjust the exposure, or even know what it does. This is something I personally needed a little help understanding and I certainly would have benifited from reading this before my first ever SLR shoot where some of the shots came a little washed out. In a nutshell though, exposure controls the amount of light let into the lens of the camera; the more light there is, the more washed out it will look; the less light there is, the harder it is to see detail. Read the tutorial on exposure here.
  • Next is a tutorial that I wouldn’t have thought of off the top of my head, but when I read it a found absoloutley invaluable. This tutorial is about always choosing the best photo in a series. This tutorial outlines everything you should look to keep or exclude from a photo and goes into accute detail to define what is and is not the best. A surprising, but essential read.

Also, for those of you that don’t like reading, here is a video overview of all the topics covered. Click here.

I hope this tutorial helps you guys, I think anyone who takes the time to read this content will benifit greatly from it.

P.S: Just in case you’re interested, I shoot with a Pentax ME super finished in chrome. A sexy little camera I got second hand and half price because the aperture didn’t work. But luckily a guy fixed it for me for free! Woo Hoo!


Matt :)

Vimeo Awards :: 2010

“In the end it’s about the work, not an award you get for the work…”

That was a quote by Linda Fiorentino (HollyWood Actress) and I have to say quite hounestly… what a load of RUBBISH.

We would all love to be awarded for the things we love doing, be it sports, motion design or playing tiddlywinks. To be credited with an award marks the distinction between your work and everybody elses. This year vimeo hosted its annual awards festival, the awards were available to anyone from the public (and maybe professional, though I’m not sure) sphere; users could submit under a range of catagories, each one catering to a particular niche of design media. You can view the winners here.

As a budding motion design artists there are two clear stand outs in this years awards; the first is called TRI▲NGLE. I found this presentation to be absoloutley captivating due to it’s spectacular direction and use of near photo-realistic 3D animation. The video is concise and feels almost too short due to it’s absorbing nature-as you feel like it has ended before it has even begun. I would be really interested to hear what anyone else’s opinion is of this video and whether they feel they could re-create a similar piece of deisgn.

The second standout for me was the animation category winner called Between Bears. The fact that this is a graduation piece from a design student is aboloutley amazing as it has the feel of an experienced veteran from the animation industry. I won’t give anything away in regards to the story, but it is a beautiful set up with some of the most striking visuals I have seen in an animation short. It works for me because of it’s simple composition which balances well against some of the more obtuse character designs. The video is also paced beautifully with nothing being rushed, yet also not feeling too slow.

Overall vimeo and their award judges have done an exemplary job finding the best of the best videos on their site, please look through the winners videos yourself and leave a comment on this blog letting us know which you liked the best and why.

If you don’t know what vimeo is all about, please click here.


Matt  :)