Le Royaume.

Is this the Best Graducation Piece Ever Made?!

Hey guys, this is a video made by a student of Gobelins art school in France. The animation and innovation in this video are among the best in any short film I have ever seen, this animation truley struck a chord with me and I feel that you should watch it and fall in love with it also.


MattĀ  :)

My Picture Story: Brighton Fringe Festival.

Hey guys,

Earlier this year me and my very good friend Simon made our annual trip to the Brighton Fringe Festival; this yearly event showcases a rage of arts events but as me and Simon both studied drama together we go with the objective to find new dramatic talent and shows. The 2010 trip wasn’t as successful as our first two outings but was an enjoyable day regardless, we still saw some interesting shows, including one stand-out: A performance of the secret garden, where the audience was free to wander wherever they liked around a large house, viewing the actors in constant character either taking part in a key scene, reading or even sleeping. I bought a disposable camera for the day and you can see all the shots I took that day here, or read on for my picture story…

This was the first photo of the day, I hadn’t used a camera that wasn’t my phone for a little while. So I picked it up and pressed the button!


This is a shot of West Pier which has clearly been subject to a lot of fire damage. This is Brightons second (of three) Piers; I got the effect of this shot by trying to keep the centre of the lens as still as possible and then rotate the rest of the camera whilst taking the shot, I love how it came out!

Another shot of West Pier only this time with some well timed bird flight in the shot…

This is another shot of my mate Simon, I tried the same thing here as with West Pier, though this time I was jumping so it came out a bit more shaky. In the context of our trip we are on the Brighton boardwalk on our way to a performance of ‘The Secret Garden’.

This is one of my favorite shots of the day, on the boardwalk still I got Simon to stand slightly off left, right, up and down of wherever he was the shot before whilst I stayed as still as possible. After I got the photos developed I chopped them up, and made one image to create this interesting effect!


Simon is into metal, so he decided to subvert the Scouting for Girls poster, great… :)

This is part of the set for the performance of the Secret Garden, it’s a courtyard in an old house and you do not see the garden untill the very end, it’s unveiled as the children climb through into it and it was actually quite marvellous.

We did see two other plays and travel around Brighton that day but the photos are quite bland and not very good; this is just one last shot of Simon (and me) on the train home, I’m sure he didn’t have that beard when we started…



MattĀ  :)