5 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up to 500px

Hey guys,

So I recently signed up to this great site called 500px and if I’m being honest, I’ve turned into a bit of a fanboy! Regardless of that though, it’s a genuinely great site with the functions and implementation to really rank highly in your social networking resources. 500px is best described by the creators as ‘a photographic community powered by creative people from all over the world that lets you share and discover inspiring photographs’. Except that may perhaps be an understatement; with comprehensive blogging tools, social networking updates and a friend based community 500px may just be your new internet homepage. So here are 5 reasons you should sign up, starting with…

1) It works.

Now, this may sound like a stupid reason; but it’s completely relevant. If a site doesn’t work, people can’t use it, they can’t become users. I would best describe 500px’s user page [Example is my page] as a blend between Facebook and twitter, featuring all the elements you could want from a social networking hub, but laying it out in a cleaner way than Facebook by using a tab based system, which keeps all of your other main directions open. If you want to follow someone, just click the appropriate box and you follow them. Keeping tabs on what you and other people are doing is so easy, because the information is just there; Ian and  Oleg (The sites founders) have somehow seemed to strip away all that is unimportant and leave only that which matters without making anything seem cluttered. Click where you want to go, and go there. Simple, elegant, functional. However, if you are having problems, why don’t you look to the next reason…

2) The Staff Are Great.

Ok, now I may have gotten a bit carried away, referring to the sites founders on a first name basis, something that I cannot justify-but it’s sad to say just how much they feel like your friends. It is one of my most commendable points in this article, to highlight just how impressed I have been by the sites customer service so far. After encountering a little befuddlement with the interface, I decided to make use of the blogging feature built into the site. After a short post expressing some concern, I got a reply and a string of tweet mentions via Oleg, Ian and the 500px official twitter [Click to follow]. It was great to engage with the staff on such a personal level, and you can see from their tweets just how eager the team at 500px are to communicate with their users, with a lot of retweet and @mentions to other users. I cannot pretend that should the site take off on the scale of  Facebook or twitter that this personability may fade, but the site is already servicing tens of thousands of members and it is really nice to see this level of effort.

3) Portfolios.

Can’t afford to a run a portfolio site, showing off your work? Well 500px accommodates users with an online portfolio for FREE. It’s a simple enough slide show generator, but the feature provides you with a personal URL and shows off your photography in a clean, sleek and stylish way; saving technophobes the world over. People checking out your portfolio are also provided with contact details and a brief ‘About’ section based on the information you submitted when signing up to the 500px main site. It’s a simple feature that works really well; have a look at mine to see how it looks.

4) It’s Classy.

Have you ever heard of a site called 1x? If not, you really should check that out too; I say this because like 500px-it’s classy. Class is something that’s hard to pin down but I would summarise it in this context as something that represents quality and design on an industry level. You can’t submit any old tat to 500px; I mean, do your best and upload only your best (as requested by the site admins), but this isn’t a place for your party snaps or your upload tests. 500px stands for a community of quality, not a photo sharing network; the difference being that 500px functions on a more objective level than the happy snappers on Facebook photos. However, if you’ve tried submitting to 1x and been rejected, don’t worry, 500px as far as I know don’t scrub apparently ‘amateur’ photographs, they just ask you to do your best. Couple this with usability far superior to 1x’s interface, and you can start to see why people are claiming 500px is to flickr, what vimeo is to youtube.

5) It’s Young.

One of my favorite things about 500px is its tender age, or perhaps instead I should refer to its tender size. The site started out in 2003 but refers to their 2.0 version being completed in 2009; in that time 500px has won over a few thousand users but I saw a tweet earlier today speculating to the size increase that they estimate for the end of the month. This is what I really think should push readers of this article to sign up, it’s a fantastic experience getting involved in something that has the potential to grow exponentially and since my sign up, I have been rating, commenting and of course posting to try to become a truly active member of this community (Even if I’m not going to be the best photographer on the site!). Because that’s what it’s all about, being sociable, kind and sharing your mutual interests with people in a way that only the internet can accommodate.

Go on, just sign up already.


Matt  :)


Photography is Wonderful

Hey Guys,

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the new year; today I am posting to some great photo posts that I have found online this week. These are only my favorites out the hundreds I have seen. The reason I have been able to uncover so many gems is because of the site StumbleUpon, I only discovered this site last week and I haven’t looked back! I think the site is great for not only killing time but is actually a very immersive experience that I have definitely noticed become more and more tailored to my likes and dislikes over time. So whilst this post isn’t about StumbleUpon, I strongly urge any readers of this blog to subscribe to it; it’s free, easy and absolutely great.

Anyway, where was I?

Basically I thought today I would link back to some great photography posts I have come across this week in celebration of the new camera I am getting (woop!).

1. Winners of the Red Bull Epic Photo Contest (link)

This is a fantastic collection of shots that are almost entirely impressive; personally I didn’t like the experimental category winning photo, but aside from that the are amazing photographs.

Personal favorites are: Culture Winner and Sequence Winner.

2. Streetview (link)

To be honest I know very little about this flickr set, these no description but the photos are clearly dated but I could not guess the time period. All I have to really say about this set is that something about them really resonated with me and I thought almost the entire set came out beautifully.

Personal favorites are: This Untitiled shot and New York 1905.

3. Samantha Meglioli (link)

These are shots by Samantha Meglioli showcasing some of her wonderful macro stills. The shots have all come out in incredible detail and have some crazy depth of field for such a shot distance, in my opinion the shots are a little mixed with some shots seemingly less ‘considered’ than others; but that said she is clearly a more talented photographer than me and the best of her shots are incredible.

Personal favorites: Megli25, Megli8 and Megli6.

4. Patchwork Orange (link)

This is less a photography post and more of ‘arts’ post I suppose; but the photos in this article are still great and the idea is way too neat to omit from this list. Patchwork Orange is the process of replacing parts of damaged buildings with Lego blocks. There’s not really much more to this post than that idea, but check out some of the photos for yourself then give it a ago!

Personal Favorite: Lego Brick Installation Art.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post guys, please let me know which one was your favorite in the comment box below! Also if you’re interested in finding more photography on the web sign up to StumbleUpon and another great site called 1x.

And finally, for anyone that’s interested the camera I have ordered is a Fuji HS10 which I should be getting on thursday, so I’m sure there will be a post about it soon after!


Matt  :)