Top 5 Videos of the Week [02/01/2011]

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of proper posts this week but sadly as my exams are looming I have less free time to contribute to the blog. However they will all be over in a fortnight and hopefully I can become more active again! However I could not desert my new feature seeing as I only started it last week! So here are the top videos from the last 7 days; it’s a mixed bag this week with: one tutorial, two graduation pieces, a gorgeous short film and something a little bit different. Please leave a comment letting me know what you think!

1. Growing is Forever

This is a stunning visual piece by Jesse Rosten who like me has a great passion for forests. I have always adored the beauty and might of forest vistas and I think Rosten captures these beautifully, set alongside a perfectly appropriate monologue.

Video: Jess Rosten (Click for website)

Music: Window by The Album Leaf


2. Time Warp Project

This is the first of this weeks two graduation pieces; it’s an almost photorealistic animation of a car crash from the first person. It’s a visual treat with the perfect moments slowed down to almost a stop, I must say my favorite moment is at 1:07 where the lighting effects are perfect. incredible in every way, this man deserves your subscription.

Video: Urialamour

Music: You Only Live Once by The Strokes


3. Slow Motion/Pin Warp

Time for something a little bit different now; this is a tutorial from one of my youtube subscriptions who predominately makes gaming videos. Now this isn’t something I intend to blog about at any particular length, but the technique in this tutorial can be applied to any still image, not just gaming. It’s a simple enough effect where we are taught how the pin warp tool in Adobe After Effects can create the illusion of super slow-motion.

Video: oDcreyfish


4. Train of Thought

This is the second of this weeks graduation pieces from the Arts Institute in Bournemouth (Woop!) as these guys are just across the road from where I study am I very proud to hopefully create a little more awareness about this incredible piece of work. Though the effect looks relatively simple it actual took a painstaking amount of work to achieve and you can watch the ‘making of’ video here. Truly this is a masterful piece of work.

Video: Leo Bridle

Music: Portico Quartet arranged by Jack Wyllie

Sound Design: Andrew South

Official Website:


5. Holiday Portrait

And now for something a little different, I just wanted to repost the example of video of the latest vimeo weekend project. It’s a simple enough premise with the idea that you set up a self-timer photo then sit with your friends and see how long they will wait, the idea of course that actually no photo is going to be taken they are just being filmed! The concept is called a fauxtograph and I thought this was a really neat little idea.

Video: Blake Whitman

Project Group: Vimeo Weekend Projects

What video was your favorite? Please leave a comment below letting me know what you think. You can see last weeks Top 5 Videos here.

Peace Guys,

Matt  :)

Blast From the Past: MiracaaL.

“Video Games are Bad for You? That’s What They Said About Rock and Roll”

Shigeru Miyamoto

Hey guys,

So I was looking through my youtube account today and I started thinking about how I developed an interest in editing at all. Well don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with that story; but I will just say that I started learning editing techniques through my interest in game videos such as montages. I have made a fair few videos (most of which are at a very poor standard) and though I can be quick to discredit them out of embarrassment, one video held my attention. I made a montage for a friend of mine who plays under the alias of ‘MiricaaL’. I said I wanted a project to work on so he gave me his clips and said I could do whatever I wanted with them. I put a lot of effort into Miricaals montage and it actually came out great, which I am glad of, because it was the last gaming video I knew I was going to make. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of incredibly talented editors out there who are a lot more skilled than me, but personally I just felt I had to move away for that particular genre were I to improve in a different direction.

However I am going on now, just know that this is the last montage video I made and I am very happy with how it turned out.


Matt  :)