The Most Beautiful Time-Lapse Videos EVER

So I have always loved time-lapse videos, I think they’re stunning and truly reflect that if you have a patience, you can create memorable pieces of art. I actually think I might have done this post before but who cares, the game has been changed by a release this year that blew everyone else out of the water. I’m going to keep this post very short as I am very busy today; but just watch the videos, it’s half and hour well spent.

The Mountain 

The best video online right now; stunning, haunting and moving. The best of the best in my opinion.

Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull

The first video I saw in like this, I love that there is motion in it too; it must have been so hard to calculate!

The Unseen Sea

A fantastic video that focuses on how clouds look during time-lapses; stunning.

Sorry this has been such a short post guys, but I’ve got stuff to do!

Take it easy,

Matt  :)

Anchors and Compozuure: Two Intro Titles.

These are a couple of short intro’s a made for friends; the first is for a local band called ‘Anchors‘ and the second is for a youtube channel owned under the alias of ‘Compozuure‘ (done as a favour to acknowledge my gaming roots). All comments are appreciated  :)

The Best Graduation Piece Ever?

Le Royaume

When I logged into vimeo this morning I found in my inbox a video called ‘Le Royaume’ as it had been uploaded to the vimeo HD channel. You can tell from the thumbnail that this is an animation piece so I clicked it. I have got to say that this video is abosloutley STUNNING. Some of the most fluid animation I have ever seen with such incredible art direction that I watched it three times in a row straight off the bat. That this is a animation by a student (From the French animation school Gobelins) is utterly phenomonal. Everything from the movement, concept, story and post-production in my opinion is absoloutley flawless. Please check out this video for yourself and leave a comment letting me know what you thought.


Matt  :)

Vimeo Awards :: 2010

“In the end it’s about the work, not an award you get for the work…”

That was a quote by Linda Fiorentino (HollyWood Actress) and I have to say quite hounestly… what a load of RUBBISH.

We would all love to be awarded for the things we love doing, be it sports, motion design or playing tiddlywinks. To be credited with an award marks the distinction between your work and everybody elses. This year vimeo hosted its annual awards festival, the awards were available to anyone from the public (and maybe professional, though I’m not sure) sphere; users could submit under a range of catagories, each one catering to a particular niche of design media. You can view the winners here.

As a budding motion design artists there are two clear stand outs in this years awards; the first is called TRI▲NGLE. I found this presentation to be absoloutley captivating due to it’s spectacular direction and use of near photo-realistic 3D animation. The video is concise and feels almost too short due to it’s absorbing nature-as you feel like it has ended before it has even begun. I would be really interested to hear what anyone else’s opinion is of this video and whether they feel they could re-create a similar piece of deisgn.

The second standout for me was the animation category winner called Between Bears. The fact that this is a graduation piece from a design student is aboloutley amazing as it has the feel of an experienced veteran from the animation industry. I won’t give anything away in regards to the story, but it is a beautiful set up with some of the most striking visuals I have seen in an animation short. It works for me because of it’s simple composition which balances well against some of the more obtuse character designs. The video is also paced beautifully with nothing being rushed, yet also not feeling too slow.

Overall vimeo and their award judges have done an exemplary job finding the best of the best videos on their site, please look through the winners videos yourself and leave a comment on this blog letting us know which you liked the best and why.

If you don’t know what vimeo is all about, please click here.


Matt  :)

Site Launch.

3… 2… 1… LAUNCH!

Micheal. P. Anderson (NASA Astronaut) once said:

When you launch in a rocket, you’re not really driving that rocket. You’re just sort of hanging on.

I fully appreciate that of course this launch is no where near being in even the same distinction of what Anderson was talking about; but it is of personal significance in many ways and I do plan to hang on tightly.

With the launch of this blog I know have a medium to present not only my thoughts and opinions on specific matters of interest, but I can also learn and share with the you, the reader. As well as studying for a BA (Hons) in Communication and Media, I am also learning motion design through experimenting with the equipment and by following tutorials. I will post tutorials that I find helpful and hopefully we can discuss them creating an evolving, learning community.

I plan to post a short showreel showing my up to date work and so you guys can see where abouts I am in regards to your own skill, because of course I would also hope to learn from readers of this blog as well. At this point though I have only had the site launched for about 22 hours and it’s fair to say that it is very stripped down. So far the only original content I have posted is a small selection of photographs from a recent camera shoot. I would also hope to post content you guys have come up with too, so if you would like me to upload it just send me an email.

Anyway, as I said earlier I will also be using this site to blog and I hope you all enjoy what I write and I would hope to recieve comments that also differ to my own opinion so we can discuss points of interest in a mature way. I will make it clear now though that ANY material I judge as inappropiate or offensive will be removed INSTANTLY. However I am sure this will only apply to the minority or readers.

All in all I hope you enjoy this blog and all comments are criticisms are welcome.


Matt :)