Top 5 Videos of the Week: [26/12/2010]

Hey Guys,

This is a new thing that I hope to continue with, it is as it says in the title, a collection of the best videos I have seen over the week. Nothing more, nothing less; these are in no particular order, so enjoy…

This week was of course the week of Christmas, Matt Cardle was number one and the Queen talked about sport in her speech; meanwhile in video-land though things seldom change. This week sees us witness a new perspective in street level cinema, get up-close to see detail impossible to notice with the human eye, have some down-time with some video games and a couple of unique twists on conventional Christmas themes…

1. Driving Through Mirror City

This video is gorgeous, I’m not sure where this was shot but the video basically takes footage from a street level car and mirrors the top half of the shot. It sounds basic but it’s an incredible effect, shot on a GO Pro HD and edited in Sony Vegas Studio HD.

Music: Liquid Summer by Diamond Messages.

Video: Craig

2. December

This is an excellent short film by 328 Stories, without ruining too much just know that the editing is masterful in the way it manipulates your viewing experience.

Video: 328 Stories

3. Chimæra

This is a gorgeous piece in which we are exposed to the super-detailed vision of winter snow-sports. Here’s the directors blurb:

Chimæra is a utopia. A dream or fantasy. Mythologically, it references a fusion of forms that is the personification of winter. By slowing down our perception of reality we get a unique look at a skier’s life. Just plug in your headphones and let your senses take over.

Music: Snow Angel Summer by Voyager One

Video: Sherpas Cinema

4. Future First Person Shooter

Anyone not familiar with FreddieW’s videos may not quite understand the point of this at first, but you’ll notice him in this video as the moron running straight at the sniper. Freddie makes incredibly polished (usually action based) videos which not only are astute comments on the gaming and film industries and the people who endorse them, but also is a very talented editor and filmmaker; recreating vivid and almost cinema worthy effects just for his youtube channel. Phenomenal.

Video: FreddieW

5. Reindeer

Just a short one to finish, this is a new ‘esting‘ for the british channel E4, I haven’t seen it on the tv yet myself but this was posted on vimeo this week and I thought it was too good to miss out on!

Video: Treat,

Which video was your favorite? Please leave a comment below letting me know what you think.


Matt  :)

BMX Insanity!

“Everyday There’s Something that Reminds Me Why I Love this Sport.”

– Bernard Hinault

Hey guys,

This isn’t the kind of post you should start expecting to see on the blog, but this video is just far too crazy to miss. It’s just a short video of some guy doing the most insane BMX tricks I have ever seen. A must see. Click here.


Matt  :)

Three Things

Three Things by Matt Knight

This is a short video I put together to practice my masking and colour grading, I hope you like it.

Pakistan is Drowning

Pakistan is Drowning by Matt Knight

This is video appeal I made for the victims of the Pakistan floods, your money can still help,


The Best Graduation Piece Ever?

Le Royaume

When I logged into vimeo this morning I found in my inbox a video called ‘Le Royaume’ as it had been uploaded to the vimeo HD channel. You can tell from the thumbnail that this is an animation piece so I clicked it. I have got to say that this video is abosloutley STUNNING. Some of the most fluid animation I have ever seen with such incredible art direction that I watched it three times in a row straight off the bat. That this is a animation by a student (From the French animation school Gobelins) is utterly phenomonal. Everything from the movement, concept, story and post-production in my opinion is absoloutley flawless. Please check out this video for yourself and leave a comment letting me know what you thought.


Matt  :)